November 9, 2015

Clinton Goes Full Say-Or-Do-Anything At Environmentalist Event

Today in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton received the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters (LCV). During her remarks, she brought up environmentalist pet issues like Arctic drilling, the Keystone XL pipeline, carbon pollution, and coal.

On each and every issue, Clinton had taken either the opposite position or action earlier in her long political career. Locked in a more competitive than expected primary with Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Clinton has had to move further to the left on these issues than ever before:

Arctic drilling: Today Clinton said she opposes drilling in the Arctic, but as Secretary of State in 2011, Clinton was supportive of “smart, sustainable” drilling:

CLINTON: “Now the challenges in the region are not just environmental. There are other issues at stake. The melting of sea ice, for example, will result in more shipping, fishing, and tourism, and the possibility to develop newly accessible oil and gas reserves. We seek to pursue these opportunities in a smart, sustainable way that preserves the Arctic environment and ecosystem.”

Keystone XL pipeline: Today, Clinton applauded President Obama killing plans to build the Keystone XL pipeline. But in 2010 as Secretary of State, Clinton said she was “inclined” to approve the project:

CLINTON: “And we — but we haven’t finish all of the analysis. So as I say, we’ve not yet signed off on it. But we are inclined to do so and we are for several reasons — going back to one of your original questions – we’re either going to be dependent on dirty oil from the Gulf or dirty oil from Canada.”

Carbon pollution: Today, Clinton said she wants to “cut carbon pollution and fight climate change.” But Clinton got caught boarding a private jet just hours after delivering a green energy speech in Iowa. It prompted her campaign to pledge it would go carbon neutral, but FEC reports and questions from CNN proved that never happened:

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign pledged that they would be carbon neutral back in July. But, to date, they have failed to live up to that promise.

Coal: Today, Clinton said “We have to move away from coal. Everybody understands that. There’s no doubt about it.”

But in 2008, when campaigning to the right of then-Sen. Obama, Clinton said:

CLINTON: “I think we have got to take a hard look at clean coal. I have advocated carbon sequestration, I have advocated power plants looking for ways to use coal more cleanly and efficiently…. The political pressure [to use coal] will remain intense, and I think you have got to admit that coal — of which we have a great and abundant supply in America — is not going away.”