February 18, 2016

Clinton Has No Problem Taking Money From Illinois Governor

Yesterday, during a campaign event in Chicago, Hillary Clinton attacked Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner for his pending budget proposal.

Clinton said of Rauner’s budget:

CLINTON: We have a governor. Who, I heard, is giving his budget address today. I mean this is material for some kind of sitcom, because he’ll be speaking without actually having a budget’ in place. Your Governor has refused to start budget negotiations unless his so called “turn around” agenda gets passed first. His plan would turn Illinois around, all right, all the way back to the robber barons of the 19th century.”

It should be noted that Clinton didn’t seem to have a problem with Rauner when she cashed a $280,000 check for a paid speech from Rauner’s privet equity firm GTCR less than two year ago.