May 3, 2016

Clinton Hears The “Wrath Of Coal Supporters” In West Virginia

Secretary Clinton made a carefully staged appearance in West Virginia Monday ahead of next week’s primary, but despite her campaign’s best efforts, she could not avoid a remark she made in March in which she pledged to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

Clinton’s boneheaded remark, which she disingenuously tried to claim was taken “out of context,” drew the ire of families in the area who rely on the coal industry for a living. Not surprisingly then, many of those individuals showed up to protest Clinton’s event in Williamson, WV.

And as NBC’s Kristen Welker reported, the hostility toward Clinton’s coal comments did not end outside the event, but followed Clinton inside as well:

KRISTEN WELKER: Well, Mika, let’s start off with, she was greeted by dozens of protesters when she got to an event in Williamson, West Virginia. Things didn’t get much better when she got inside.”

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Laid-off coal miner Bo Copley didn’t buy Clinton’s excuse that her coal remarks were taken out of context. He told Andrea Mitchell after the event that he was not “swayed by [Clinton’s] apology”: