January 25, 2016

Clinton Hemorrhaging Support In New Hampshire

Today brought more bad news for Hillary Clinton’s struggling campaign today. A new Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald has Clinton down 16 points to Senator Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire. That same poll showed her only down two points a month ago, a dramatic 14 point fall for the one-time Democratic front-runner.

One important reason for Clinton’s stunning fall in New Hampshire is her favorable rating among Democrats continues to drop. The poll shows that:

Clinton’s favorable rating among likely Democratic primary voters dropped from 83 to 74 percent since a December Franklin Pierce/Herald poll, when Sanders held just a two-point lead.

Even worse news for Secretary Clinton’s flailing campaign is that a vast majority of New Hampshire voters have already made up their minds:

“Nearly eight in 10 likely Democratic voters indicate they have made a “firm” choice, while 82 percent of Sanders’ supporters say they won’t change their minds. That indicates Clinton faces an extremely difficult challenge in closing the double-digit gap against Sanders before primary day on Feb. 9.”

Finally, the poll shows that while Clinton claims she is running a substantive campaign, the voters in New Hampshire just don’t buy it. A plurality of voters said their reason for supporting a specific candidate was because they support “issues important to you.” Among those voters, 48% backed Senator Sanders, while only 25% backed Clinton.