August 8, 2015

Clinton In Another Statistical Tie With Sanders As Oregon Prepares To #FeelTheBern

Within days of a New Hampshire poll showing Hillary Clinton’s once-significant lead over Bernie Sanders has eroded to just a fraction outside of the margin of error, new polling shows Sanders in a statistical tie with Clinton in another state:

A new independent political survey shows Hillary Clinton with only a narrow lead over Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential race in Oregon…

…The July 25-27 survey by Portland-based DHM Research shows Clinton, the former secretary of state, leading the Democratic primary in Oregon with 44 percent of the vote to 39 percent for Sanders, a Vermont senator.

In case the numbers aren’t proof enough that Clinton is losing ground to the feisty Vermont senator, Sanders’ campaign has had to move his Oregon rally scheduled for Sunday evening to a larger venue to accommodate the growing crowds of supporters turning out for his speeches. Portland’s KPTV reports:

The rally was originally planned for the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, but is now happening at the Moda Center.

The Vermont Senator is the longest serving Independent in Congress. He is running for the Democratic nomination.

Sanders plans to discuss climate change, income inequality and getting big money out of politics. His campaign just asked to move to the larger space.

The Moda Center can hold around 19,000 and the Coliseum holds nearly 13,000.

It’s not the first time Sanders has upgraded venues after receiving a massive number of RSVPs.

With a terrible week behind her and a burst of Bern-mentum going into the weekend, it doesn’t look like Hillary Clinton will be closing the enthusiasm gap anytime soon.