May 31, 2016

Clinton Invests More In California To Try And Avert “Embarrassing” Loss

Last week America Rising highlighted the growing panic within the Clinton campaign over the California primary. This involved the Clinton campaign going back up on the airwaves with new TV ads in the Golden State.

If last week was a Defcon 3 level panic by Brooklyn, this weekend they moved up to Defcon 1 when the Clinton campaign cancelled multiple days worth of New Jersey events so that the candidate can stay in California.

Originally, Clinton was suppose to be in New Jersey for two days this week, but in order to avert “an embarrassing end” to the primary campaign season, Clinton will now be in California for a five- day campaign swing through the eve of the June 7th primary:

“Hillary Clinton has upended her campaign schedule, adding more stops in California, in an effort to prevent an embarrassing loss there to Bernie Sanders, her rival for the Democratic presidential nomination. Clinton originally planned to campaign for two days this week in New Jersey, but at the last minute canceled an event on Thursday and will instead return to California for a five-day swing.”

This all comes in reaction to new public polls that show California is an extraordinarily tight contest. The two most precious commodities a political campaign has is the time of the candidate and money. With these new panic moves this weekend, the Clinton campaign has now invested both significantly in California. Anything less than a resounding win for Clinton in the Golden State now would be a massive failure for the former Secretary of State.