December 2, 2015

Clinton Is Fundraising With This Two-Time Loser In Florida Today

Today, Hillary Clinton is in Florida attending a campaign fundraiser hosted by two-time loser, Alex Sink. The Clintons have been involved with both of Sink’s losing campaigns.

In 2010, Sink ran for governor of Florida against Rick Scott. Bill Clinton appeared at a Sink gubernatorial event. Sink lost. In 2013, Sink tried to win a seat in Congress. Once again the Clintons were involved in her race, with Bill Clinton recording a robocall for Sink’s campaign. And once again, Sink lost. Sink was one of the 32 candidates who the Clintons backed who lost last year.

The last time Alex Sink won an election was in 2006. The last time Hillary Clinton won an election was 2004. Hopefully Sink and Clinton will have time to compare notes about what its like to have their last win before Instagram was a thing.