December 7, 2015

Clinton Loses Only State Department “Accomplishment”

By any measurable standard, Hillary Clinton’s tenure at the State Department was a complete failure. She blocked the certification of Boko Haram as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, she pioneered the disastrous “reset” with Russia and she referred to the brutal Syrian dictator Assad as a “reformer,” just to name a few.

Yet through all the failure, the one “accomplishment” Clinton has proudly touted is the number of miles she traveled. As Politico reported, Secretary of State Clinton had “a reputation for a competitive approach to travel.”

Sadly, for her, she no longer even has that. The Associated Press reports:

John Kerry has broken Hillary Clinton’s marks for miles traveled and total flight time as secretary of state, the State Department indicated on its websiteMonday… Kerry reached 957,744 miles on his last voyage, a weeklong tour of Europe that ended Dec. 4. Clinton covered 956,733 miles in her four years on the job.

A failed foreign policy, and second place to John Kerry, whose tenure at Foggy Bottom has also been marred by weakness and failure. That’s the awful legacy Hillary Clinton leaves behind as Secretary of State.