December 4, 2015

Clinton Misjudged & Was Quick To Politicize Terror Attack

This morning, officials have confirmed that the female shooter from the San Bernardino shooting “pledged allegiance to ISIS” before she and her husband carried out their deadly attack.

This news flies in the face of Secretary Clinton’s remarks after the shooting, which included calls “for Congress to pass ‘common sense’ gun measures” during a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Thursday.

Rather than waiting to hear all the facts, Clinton was so eager to politicize the tragedy in San Bernardino that she launched partisan attacks on Republicans for what turned out to be a terrorist attack.

Clinton has repeatedly displayed poor judgment and failed leadership at the State Department, including when she also failed to recognize Boko Haram as a terrorist group. This week, Americans were able to watch her missteps in real time. It’s this kind of politicization that prompts more American voters to say they do not like or trust Secretary Clinton.