April 10, 2016

Clinton Misrepresents Her Own Minimum Wage Position On CNN

This morning, CNN’s Jake Tapper aired an interview with Secretary Clinton that asked her about Governor Andrew Cuomo raising New York’s minimum wage to $15 per hour and the national Fight For $15 movement.

“Well, I have been in favor of what’s called the Fight For $15 for a year,” Clinton told Tapper..

Despite claiming she has for a year supported the Fight For $15 movement, which advocates for a national $15 minimum wage, Clinton does not support a $15 national minimum wage. In the summer of 2015, when Clinton was pressed on this issue, she declined to support it:

Hillary Clinton on Thursday wouldn’t commit to supporting a $15 national minimum wage but said she is working with Democrats in Congress who are determining how high it can be set.

This is yet another example of Clinton misrepresenting her own positions to appeal more broadly to voters. Clinton will say or do anything to win, and that’s becoming clearer than ever in her adopted home state of New York.