November 6, 2015

Clinton-Obama Alliance Kills Keystone Pipeline, Thousands Of Jobs

Today, President Obama plans to stand shoulder to shoulder with Vice President Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry to announce they are rejecting plans to build the Keystone XL pipeline—a project that would have created 42,100 new American jobs.

Missing from that group is a key player in destroying thousands of jobs and opportunities for hardworking Americans: Obama’s former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

To be clear, the Clinton-Obama alliance is responsible for ending a project that:

Is supported by an astounding 68 percent of the country.

“Would increase energy security in the United States.”

Would make “progress on energy security for the nation” and help prevent nations like “China [who] will be glad to buy it.

Supported by key labor unions like the AFL-CIO Building & Construction Trades Department, Teamsters Union, Laborers International, and more.

Clinton can expect to hear from these hardworking Americans on the campaign trail who demand to know why she helped shut down such an important project to American security and economic development.