March 30, 2016

Clinton On Maddow: Superdelegates Ok, Caucuses Not So Much

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow asked Secretary Clinton about two thorny issues that have nagged at her throughout this campaign: Clinton’s reliance on superdelegates to pad her lead in the Democratic primary, and caucuses, which have dealt Clinton 10 consecutive losses to Bernie Sanders.

As America Rising Chairman Matt Rhoades has written about on several occasions, the Democratic Party’s nominating process is undemocratic. So-called “superdelegates” – elected officials and party leaders – have an outsized influence in selecting the Dem’s nominee. It just so happens that Clinton receives the support from the vast majority of those establishment types, and unsurprisingly, she sees no problem with them:

Yet on the other hand, Clinton was quick to criticize the caucus system, which has dealt Clinton 10 consecutive losses in states like Colorado, Washington, and Minnesota. “I think that caucuses are a very unusual way for some states to – really choose who they want to be delegates, and who those delegates – are pledged to,” Clinton said. “That’s fine. Every state gets to pick however they want to.”