May 31, 2016

Clinton Phones It In, Struggles To Answer Questions About Private Server (Still)

Secretary Clinton called in to CNN and MSNBC this afternoon to address growing questions about her judgment regarding her private email server. When CNN’s Jake Tapper read the critical USA Today editorial and asked if she would be able to put the country’s best interests ahead of her own as president, Clinton stumbled over her words before claiming that she “always have.”

Minutes later, she called into MSNBC and spoke to Chris Hayes, who absurdly argued that “Republicans have made a great deal” of the State Department’s IG report and Clinton’s private email use. Here’s just a sampling of the editorial boards that have taken to Clinton to task over this IG report, and the front page, above the fold placement of the IG report in dozens of newspapers speaks to the seriousness of this issue.

But that ridiculous claim aside, Clinton answered her own question rather than the one Hayes asked regarding the FBI contacting her:

HAYES: So, I need to ask you, have you been contacted by the FBI about an interview regarding the email situation?

CLINTON: No, we do not have an interview scheduled.

How convenient! Today, Clinton brought a whole new meaning to “phoning it in.”