December 1, 2015

Clinton Pressed On Failed Foreign Policy Record

This morning, CBS aired a portion of Hillary Clinton’s interview with Charlie Rose.

During the interview Rose pressed Clinton on her disastrous Libya strategy, and whether she had learned any thing from it that could apply to the situation in Syria. In typical Clinton fashion she decided to dodge the tough question:

CLINTON: It’s a totally fair question. Gadhafi had American blood on his hands. Gadhafi was a threat to the broader region. Our European and Arab friends certainly saw him as that and as you say, he was promising to track down his own people and kill them like cockroaches. I think one of the ways we need to approach this is continue the discussion about national unity but as a pre-condition say we need to join together right now before they get a stronghold and work to eliminate ISIS insert. And it is something that is going to require a lot of cooperation. There are armed groups that are fight for power within Libya not in anyway identified with or allied with ISIS. They need to form even a loose confederation to try to push ISIS literally into the sea before they get a stronghold.

Clinton also told Rose that she wants Russia “at the table” in creating a no-fly zone in Syria:

ROSE: If there is a no-fly zone, which you are advocating, and the Russians invade that no-fly zone, would President Clinton say shoot it down if you give it warning?

 CLINTON: Charlie that would not happen. Because were going to put up a no-fly zone where the Russians are clearly kept informed. I want them at the table. They don’t have to participate in it. I want them to understand there has to be safe areas on the ground.

Clinton’s open door to Russia in Syria continues her clear flip-flop from the first Democratic debate, when she said, “We have to stand up to his [Putin’s] bullying and specifically in Syria.”

After the interview had aired Rose stated that there was no “strong distinction” between Clinton’s ISIS strategy and the Obama strategy.

Members of both parties have criticized Obama’s ISIS strategy as a failure.