August 21, 2013

Clinton Private Equity Speech Raises Conflict Over NSA Surveillance

Next month, Hillary Clinton is set to deliver a high-profile speechoutlining her views on privacy and national security amid the debate over the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance programs:

One speech, slated to be at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia next month, will focus on the balance between privacy and national security, during a debate over National Security Agency programs designed to track suspected terrorists by culling metadata from U.S. citizens.

But the September 10, 2013 speech comes one day after, as Politicoreports, Clinton will deliver a paid, closed-door speech to the Carlyle Group. The private equity firm owns Booz Allen, which oversees the NSA’s program:

But the recent fracas over the National Security Agency‘s surveillance programs highlights the private equity giant’s remaining ties to government work: its majority stake in Booz Allen Hamilton, the employer of the whistle-blower, Edward J. Snowden.