February 29, 2016

Clinton Private Jet Photos Remind Dems Of Broken “Carbon Neutral” Promise

Secretary Clinton’s campaign went to great pains this weekend to prevent the press from watching their candidate board her private jet:

The reason is potentially twofold: Clinton looks like an out-of-touch hypocrite for decrying the woes of climate change as she boards a gas-guzzling jet as she hopscotches the country, and she has also pledged to make her campaign carbon neutral and failed to follow through on that pledge.

In July 2015, America Rising trackers caught Clinton boarding a private jet in Iowa after delivering a climate change speech. The hypocrisy hit close to home, and the next day her campaign pledged to go “carbon neutral.” But a CNN analysis of Clinton’s FEC reports revealed that pledge went unfulfilled:

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign pledged that they would be carbon neutral back in July. But, to date, they have failed to live up to that promise.

There are no records of the Clinton campaign purchasing carbon offsets in their latest Federal Election Commission reports released earlier this month and, when asked, multiple campaign aides did not refute CNN’s reporting that offsets have yet to be purchased.

That was back in October. A further analysis of Clinton’s subsequent FEC reports shows Clinton has still has not fulfilled her pledge to go “carbon neutral.” Maybe that’s why her campaign is trying so hard to avoid photos like this: