January 29, 2016

Clinton Really Doesn’t Like Iowa

With just three days until the Iowa caucuses, Hillary Clinton finds herself in a dogfight with Sen. Bernie Sanders. Recent polling shows that the Hawkeye State is virtually a tossup.

One would think that Clinton would be spending every waking moment in Iowa, desperately trying to prevent a repeat of 2008.

That isn’t the case however.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Clinton spent much of her time fundraising in Pennsylvania and New York.

In recent days Clinton has made some pretty sharp digs at Iowa.

At a White Plains fundraiser yesterday, Clinton sounded gleeful that she wasn’t in Iowa.

During an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Clinton boasted about not being in Iowa, in order to attend a fundraiser with Jon Bon Jovi.

These comments probably won’t sit well with Iowans, especially after Clinton criticized caucus-goes in general as “creatures of the parties’ extremes.” This uptick in fundraising seems to suggest that the campaign is indeed strapped for cash.