March 7, 2016

Clinton Relies On Worst Jobs Governor As Key Michigan Surrogate

Ever since former governor Jennifer Granholm (D-MI) resigned from PrioritiesUSA to join Correct the Record, she has been a high profile surrogate for Hillary Clinton. The change allowed Granholm to directly coordinate with the Clinton campaign, and with the Michigan primary tomorrow, Clinton has been relying heavily on Granholm as a surrogate.

Yet for the people of Michigan, Granholm’s vocal support for Clinton can only bring back bad memories. Granholm was governor of Michigan during some of the worst periods of job losses in recent American history. During her eight years in office Michigan lost more than a half million jobs:

“Gov. Jennifer Granholm says she presided over the larger part of Michigan’s ‘toughest decade’ but believes the state’s economy is on the rebound following massive job losses in the automotive industry and manufacturing sector. Michigan led the nation in unemployment from April 2006 to May of 2010, and it is estimated the state lost more than 600,000 jobs during her eight-year tenure.”

On Granholm’s watch the unemployment rate in Michigan skyrocketed from 6.6% to over 14%:

“Employment in Michigan peaked at about 4.7 million in the summer of 2000, 2 1/2 years before Granholm took office, and has since gone steadily downward. Employment today stands at about 3.8 million. The unemployment rate, which was 6.6 percent when Granholm took office, topped 14 percent at the end of last year and now stands at 13.1 percent.”

And Granholm’s approval ratings got so low that all she could about it was laugh about it when asked:

“Her approval rating, which once was in the high 70s, has plummeted. Ask her what it is now and she laughs – it’s so low she has stopped worrying about it. ‘In the 30s,’ she says. ‘I hope it’s 30. But it’s low. It’s low because people are impatient.'”

Dreadful poll numbers, sky-high unemployment, and hundreds of thousands of job losses, that’s the record of Clinton’s top surrogate in the crucial Michigan primary. With the polls in Michigan tightening, maybe Clinton is trying to lower expectations by relying to heavily on a surrogate that can only harm her in the state.