May 26, 2016

Clinton Scrambles To Hold Off Sanders In “Surprisingly Contentious” California Contest

The delegate-rich California primary is less than two weeks away, and Hillary Clinton is making a mad scramble to stop her awful momentum in the Democratic primary. Bernie Sanders shows no sign of dropping out anytime soon, so the California primary is vitally important to her efforts.

Unfortunately for the former Secretary of State, events have conspired to impede that effort. The recently released State Department IG report could not come at a worse time for Hillary Clinton. While she tries to close out the Democratic primary, voters have fresh validation for their inability to trust her:

“The Clinton campaign had hoped to use the coming weeks to do everything they could to shed that image and convince voters that Mrs. Clinton can be trusted. Instead, they must contend with a damaging new report by the State Department’s inspector general that Mrs. Clinton had not sought or received approval to use a private email server while she was secretary of state.”

The polls show a margin of error race in the Golden State primary. While Clinton has been desperately trying to pivot to the general election, with the polls this tight she’s been forced to expend not just time, but significant funds in California too:

“But her campaign said Wednesday it would start airing TV ads in three markets, a ‘six-figure’ buy and a proposition her campaign had hoped to avoid. It also appears to be running an aggressive get-out-the-vote operation. It has nine field offices, and an aide said phone banks in seven languages and door-to-door visits have been under way for two weeks.”

Earlier this week, Clinton refused to debate Sanders in California, citing her desire to move toward the general election. Only time will tell if that was a cause of extreme hubris, but on June 7th, Clinton might have significant cause to regret that decision.