October 30, 2015

Clinton Supports Putting Troops On The Ground In Syria, A Total Flip-Flop From 2 Weeks Ago

Two weeks ago, Hillary Clinton stood on a debate stage and said: “We don’t want American troops on the ground in Syria.”

Three weeks ago, she again reiterated her opposition to putting troops on the ground in Syria:

But today, Clinton completely reversed that position:

Hillary Rodham Clinton supports the decision by President Barack Obama to deploy a small number of special operations forces to northern Syria to work with local ground forces in the fight against Islamic State militants.

Campaign spokesman Nick Merrill said in a statement that Clinton “sees merit in the targeted use of special operations personnel.” He added that Clinton also strongly “supports ongoing diplomatic efforts to end the conflict.”

This is the latest in a series of substantive flip-flops Clinton has made thus far in her campaign, and the most recent sign that she’s willing to say or do anything to win.