May 9, 2016

Clinton Surrogate Barney Frank Had A Dreadful Weekend

Hillary Clinton wants the Democratic Party to unite behind her candidacy. If the events that transpired this weekend in Maine are any indication, the former Secretary of State has a long way to go to get a united Democratic Party.

Clinton surrogate Barney Frank spent the weekend in Maine speaking for his candidate at the Maine Democratic Party Convention. The former Congressman did not receive a warm reception. When it was Frank’s turn to address the Maine convention, he was repeatedly heckled:

“Former U.S. Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts endured heckling throughout his speech on behalf of Clinton, ranging from yells of ‘sellout’ to ‘go back to Massachusetts.’ Frank responded in stride. ‘What is it about the concept of allowing the speaker to speak that offends you?’ asked Frank, drawing applause from most of the audience of some 3,000 or more.”

Frank’s poor reception among rank-and-file Democrats is likely due to the perception, articulated by Bernie Sanders in a letter to the DNC, that he is an “aggressive attack surrogate” for Clinton:

“In the letter, Sanders notes that Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy will be in charge of the convention’s platform committee and former Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank will run the rules committee. He calls both ‘aggressive attack surrogates on the campaign trail’ for Clinton.”

Hillary Clinton and her campaign have been getting increasingly more aggressive in pushing for an end to the Democratic contest. As Barney Frank learned this weekend, those actions have consequences.