March 8, 2016

Clinton Surrogate Blames “The Right Wing” For Voters Lack Of Trust In Hillary

This morning, Clinton surrogate and former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm appeared on CNN to discuss the state of the Democratic primary.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota showed Granholm recent exit polls from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma that show Democratic voters don’t view Hillary Clinton as honest and trustworthy.

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When Camerota asked Granholm if Clinton’s use of a private email server was the reason for these negative numbers, Granholm responded that the “right wing” was to blame. Rather than, you know, the FBI, which is investigating Clinton’s private server:

 GRANHOLM: That is a result of the right wing putting out so much related to that question. They will continue to do that. Let’s be clear. If she gets the nomination, this is not going to be the end of that story. She’s got to continue to work on gaining the trust of the voters. They are very well aware of that. They are going to continue to do that. I know they are grateful to the Sanders team for not buying in to the Republican arguments against her. And this will continue to be an issue that the republicans will peddle for sure.

Granholm also expressed concern with Clinton’s chances in today’s Michigan primary.