January 26, 2016

Clinton Surrogate Doesn’t Understand The Severity Of Receiving Classified Information

This morning, Clinton surrogate and former Iowa Senator Tom Harkin made an astonishing claim about Clinton’s use of a private email server:

HARKIN: “I know she went to the, again, she went to the ultimate degree to make sure that there weren’t any top secret kind of stuff going into these servers. Now if someone sent her something that was classified she could have not had any control over that.”

Harkin’s statement make receiving classified information sound harmless, which is hardly the case.

In July, The New York Times reported, “It is against the law for someone to receive a classified document or briefing and then summarize that information in an unclassified email.”

Regardless of the spin that Clinton’s camping attempts to place on this email scandal, it’s important to remember that these emails were on Hillary Clinton’s private server.

This practice has been widely condemned. A cyber security expert recently said that using a personal email server would expose classified information to being hacked.


While just last week Robert Gates said, “odds are pretty high” Russia, China and Iran had access to Clinton’s server.

The Clinton campaign is determined to sweep this email scandal under the rug, but last night Democratic town hall is evidence that voters aren’t ready to forget this issue anytime soon.