January 31, 2016

Clinton Surrogate Doesn’t Understand The Obama/Sanders Coalition In Iowa

Today, legendary Presidential candidate and Hillary Clinton surrogate Howard Dean falsely claimed that Sen. Bernie Sander’s support comes largely from “older, white men.”

This is yet another desperate, false claim from Clinton and her allies. According to a Des Moines Register released yesterday:

“Clinton has spent millions of dollars and done extensive tactical and messaging work across Iowa to avoid a repeat of her third-place finish in 2008. But that hasn’t stopped Sanders from gaining support from 50 percent of the state’s so-called Obama coalition, a group that includes first-time caucus-goers, independents and people younger than 45. And that group comprises 55 percent of likely Democratic caucus-goers.”

On CBS’s “Face The Nation,” Bloomberg’s J. Ann Selzer said of Sanders supporters,

SELZER: Bernie Sanders does very well with younger voters, he kind of has that Obama coalition, the first timers, people who consider themselves independent rather than democrat, and the youth vote.