March 1, 2016

Clinton Taken To Task By Fellow Democrat For Demonizing A “Great Company”

Today, Russ Feingold is sending some friendly fire Hillary Clinton’s way over her continued vilification of Johnson Controls. While Johnson Controls has contributed between $100,000 and $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation, Clinton has relentlessly demonized Johnson Controls in speeches and TV ads. In a statement, Clinton even called Johnson Controls actions “outrageous”:

“It is outrageous when large multinational corporations game the tax code and shelter money overseas to avoid paying their fair share, including through maneuvers like inversions. “

As a senator, Feingold was so liberal he voted against Dodd-Frank because it “didn’t go far enough,” and worked with Bernie Sanders on a single payer health care plan. Yet, when former senator Feingold, was asked about Clinton’s repeated attacks against the Milwaukee-based company, he was crystal clear that he couldn’t disagree more with Clinton:

“Asked about Clinton’s condemnation, Feingold told reporters on Monday he thinks Johnson Controls is a ‘great company’ and he is grateful for the jobs it produces in Wisconsin.”

Feingold also went on to disparage Clinton’s campaign tactics of demonization and negativity:

“‘I hope they keep their operations here as much as possible. But this practice of inversion needs to be changed,’ Feingold said, advocating for the passage of a bill introduced by Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, which would target corporate inversions. ‘The answer isn’t demonizing a company, the answer is changing the law in a way that would make sense.'”