September 30, 2013

Clinton Takes Award From Former Critics

Though she will take Marian Wright and Peter Edelmans’ honor tonight at a Children’s Defense Fund awards ceremony, Hillary Clinton also took their criticism years ago when the couple said Clinton’s politically-motivated advocacy for welfare reform legislation “hurt millions of poor children” and was a “blot” on her husband’s presidency:

Next Monday Hillary Clinton’s getting an award from the Children’s Defense Fund, whose president is Marian Wright Edelman, whose husband quit the Clinton administration in disgust over welfare reform. “It does not promote work effectively, and it will hurt millions of poor children by the time it is fully implemented,” Peter Edelman wrote in 1997. Marian Edelman, for her part, called it a “blot” on Clinton’s presidency and worse. …

It’s these types of criticisms that are spurring excitement on the left for an Elizabeth Warren candidacy as The New York Times reports today.