December 3, 2015

Clinton To Fundraise With “Committed Friend” Of Bashar al-Assad

Today in Boston, Hillary Clinton will attend a fundraiser hosted by Bobby Sager, a personal friend of Bashar al-Assad who came under scrutiny for supporting the Syrian despot even after he started brutally murdering his own civilians. In an email to a senior Assad adviser in 2011, Sager wrote:

“‘The Syria that I spent last week in does not resemble the sensationalist images that are endlessly played and replayed by the international media,’ he wrote on March 25, two days after Syrian police reportedly killed 15 protesters in a predawn raid. ‘What is important now is for committed friends to be vocal in their support of President Assad’s leadership.'”

Sager added in the email that he will take his “first-hand understanding into the world” and “argue loudly” that Assad is “actually the most critical part of the solution.” In a reply email, Assad’s senior adviser stated that he knows “how much the president enjoys your company and appreciates your friendship.”

Perhaps it’s not surprising that this is the type of person Hillary Clinton has chosen to associate herself with. After all, the very same month Sager called Assad a “friend,” Hillary Clinton referred to the the mass murderer Assad as a “reformer.”