November 20, 2015

Clinton Touts Plan To Control Health Care Costs. Wasn’t ObamaCare Supposed To Do That?

Late Friday afternoon, Hillary Clinton unveiled a new unfunded proposal to give $2,500 to individuals and $5,000 to families to address the “rising costs of health care.”

Despite all the promises about ObamaCare driving down costs, increasing access, and letting Americans keep their current plans, none of those promises have come true. In fact, health care costs have risen under ObamaCare at an incredible rate—3 percent in the last 12 months alone.

In fact, that’s a line Clinton herself parroted in 2010 when she told Jake Tapper:

CLINTON: “Finally the United States is going to have a system that will begin to meet the needs of all of our people, reform our insurance industry, which is long overdue, begin to control costs, which is absolutely critical. And, you know, it’s been a long time coming. It goes back many decades. And I think it’s an extraordinary historical achievement. And I’m delighted to, you know, have – have seen it come to pass.”

This is the latest in a series of Clinton proposals that she hasn’t explained how she would fund. The Wall Street Journal recently reported Clinton’s plans would total more than $650 billion in new spending.