April 5, 2016

Clinton Trails Sanders In Cash Race For Third Straight Month

On Monday, Secretary Clinton’s campaign announced they had raised $29.5 million in March—an impressive haul, until you consider her opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders, outraised her by a whopping $15 million:

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’s fundraising juggernaut outraised Hillary Clinton’s campaign in March, surpassing her for the third consecutive month.

Clinton announced on Monday that her campaign had raised $29.5 million for the month compared with the $44 million raised by the Sanders campaign. Sanders’s March fundraising haul surpasses the campaign’s own record-setting $43.3 million raised in February.

Sanders’ ability to consistently outraise Clinton has been a major contributing factor to the Democratic primary dragging on longer than many Party leaders would like. That’s proved to be a source of annoyance and consternation for Clinton and President Obama alike.

Aides had expected the primary race to be wrapping up by this point, according to White House sources, and for Obama to be gearing up for a series of big unity rallies to urge Sanders supporters to get excited about Hillary Clinton.

Instead, Sanders is expected to win Wisconsin on Tuesday, and has the money and support to keep going as long as he wants and no Democratic Party loyalty or elder statesman to urge him to step back. That’s forcing the White House to recalibrate its political plans, delaying the opportunity for Obama to hit the campaign trail and capitalize on public approval levels unseen since his re-election campaign.

Sanders’ fundraising ability has also forced Clinton off the campaign trail at inopportune moments. Tonight, for example, Clinton is attending a fundraiser rather than hosting a rally as tonight’s Wisconsin results come in:

Clinton launched her campaign nearly a year ago, and there is approximately a zero percent chance she expected to still be tangled in a messy primary with a socialist who’s proven to be a more effective fundraiser than her.