January 12, 2016

Clinton Is In Trouble And The Media Is Starting To Notice

With just 20 days until the Iowa caucuses, Hillary Clinton who was once seen as the certain Democratic nominee now seems like anything but.

Recent polling shows that Iowa is now a tossup between Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders, and another poll shows Clinton struggling to inspire the millennial vote.

This morning, Joe Scarborough pointed out that:

“If she [Hillary Clinton] loses Iowa and New Hampshire, the question is, is that when Joe Biden and John Kerry who have been privately thinking about this, discussing it with friends. Even Al Gore who friends say has been obsessed with the issue whether he should jump into the race or not. Do they see that weakness as an invitation to open this race as wide-open.”

Undoubtedly the recent reports that F.B.I. is expanding its probe into Clinton’s use of a private email server to see whether Clinton violated public corruption laws has caused panic within the Democratic establishment.

Add all these problems together, and Hillary Clinton is in some real trouble.