November 24, 2015

Clinton’s Colorado Problem

Today, Hillary Clinton is expected to campaign in Colorado with stops in Boulder and Denver. A poll released last week reveals why she’s heading to the Centennial State: damage control. Clinton is viewed positively by only 31 percent of voters and 67 percent of voters do not think Clinton is honest or trustworthy.

Clinton’s Colorado problem is only going to get worse, however. Just hours after an ominous warning about future attacks (including from Boko Haram, the group that the Clinton State Department refused to call terrorists), Clinton will return to Colorado—ground zero for President Obama’s plan to circumvent Congress and bring terrorists to U.S. soil.

The idea to close the prison while bypassing Congress actually came from none other than Hillary Clinton. Newsweek reported on the 2013 memo Clinton sent to the president:

Now, in one of her last moves as secretary of State, she was making a final effort to prod her boss to do more. Her memo was replete with practical suggestions for moving ahead on Gitmo. Chief among them: Obama needed to appoint a high-level official to be in charge of the effort, someone who had clout and proximity to the Oval Office. Further, Clinton argued that Obama could start transferring the 86 detainees who’d already been cleared for release. (Congress has imposed onerous restrictions on the administration’s ability to transfer Gitmo detainees—including a stipulation that the secretary of Defense certify that detainees sent to other countries would not engage in acts of terrorism. In her memo, Clinton pointed out that the administration could use “national-security waivers” to circumvent the restriction.)

The thought of bringing terrorists to Colorado has many Coloradans and Americans understandably concerned:

“It just doesn’t make sense to bring these dangerous people to our ground,” said Sheriff James Beicker of Fremont County, one of 40 Colorado sheriffs who signed a letter to Mr. Obama last week opposing any Guantánamo transfers to Colorado. “Why put any extra level of threat to our state or my county?”

“There’s no way,” Florence’s mayor, Keith Ore, said. “Something of that magnitude could just come in and destroy this town.”

If Clinton’s favorability and trust numbers are already scraping the bottom of the barrel, what will voters think when President Obama executes her plan to bring terrorists to their state?