October 3, 2016

Clinton’s Comments Have Poisoned Sanders Supporters Against Her

The still fragile relations between erstwhile Democratic primary rivals Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are on the verge of breaking down. After Hillary Clinton’s private comments about Sanders supporters were published by the Washington Free Beacon, that is now a significant problem as we approach Election Day. Recent events have only heightened the belief that there is now a significant rift between Sanders and Clinton.

First, Senator Sanders admitted on CNN that he was “bothered” by Clinton’s comments about his supporters:

Now, the Washington Examiner has reported that the joint Clinton-Sanders rally that was suppose to happen today has been canceled:

“The Hillary Clinton campaign has canceled joint appearances with former primary opponent Bernie Sanders after he admitted that “of course” it bothered him that Clinton seemed to be talking down to his supporters in hacked audio from a fundraiser. The two were set to have joint appearance together Monday. Instead, Sanders will appear in both Iowa and Wisconsin on Monday to boost her candidacy without her.”

Finally, in what could be emblematic of how most Sanders supporters view Clinton, Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen declined Robby Mook’s pleas to endorse Clinton:

“In an interview, Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen, a close ally of Sanders, told BuzzFeed News that Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook reached out to him after the Democratic primary was over to talk about a potential endorsement. ‘It was short,’ Cohen said of the conversation, saying simply that he declined to endorse. Asked who he was going to vote for in November, Cohen also said he was still deciding.”

Before Hillary Clinton’s leaked comments were made public she was already having a hard time getting Sanders voters to support her campaign. It might be impossible now.