January 10, 2016

Clinton’s Defense Of “Send Nonsecure” Doesn’t Hold Up

Hillary Clinton appeared on CBS News’ “Face The Nation” this morning, and struggled to defend her State Department email practices when pressed by host John Dickerson.

Per emails released this week, Clinton instructed an employee to circumvent secure channels that were malfunctioning and “turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure.”

Clinton’s defense on “Face The Nation” was that there is no proof that the information she requested was ever actually sent. But this misses the point that Clinton knowingly and in step-by-step detail instructed a subordinate to bypass security practices.

This episode provides the clearest evidence yet of Clinton’s disregard for national security and protecting intelligence. The key takeaway here is that Clinton knew how to bypass government security measures and asked her employees to do so.

That is exactly the point that Bob Woodward made on Fox News Sunday when he noted Clinton wanted to “subvert the rules” set in place by security officials:

Below is a transcript of Clinton’s interview on “Face The Nation”:

CBS NEWS’ JOHN DICKERSON: What’s striking about that particular email is it suggests you were very facile with how to do this, this process. You knew the instructions for how to get around the restrictions for sending classified information. So you’re saying there’s never an instance, any other instance in which you did that?

HILLARY CLINTON: No. And it wasn’t sent. So I think this is another instance where what is common practice, namely, look, I need information, I had some points I had to make and I was waiting for a secure fax that could give me the whole picture, but often times there’s a lot of information that isn’t at all classified so whatever information can be appropriately transmitted unclassified often was – that’s true for every agency in the government and anyone who does business with the government. But the important point here is I had great confidence because I had worked with Jake Sullivan for years. He’s the most meticulous, careful person you could do business with, and he knew exactly what was and wasn’t appropriate and in fact as the State Department has said, there was no transmission of any classified information. So, it’s another effort by people looking for something to throw against the wall to see what sticks but there’s no “there” there.

DICKERSON: Well this one is a little different since the FBI is investigating this specific question of whether classification was meddled with.