August 3, 2016

Clinton’s Disastrous Pro-Russia Policies Harmed United States

Russian revanchism in Eastern Europe is one of the great foreign policy challenges facing the next president. In that light, Hillary Clinton’s Russian reset becomes especially troubling. In 2009, President Obama and then-Secretary Clinton announced a new effort to attract U.S. investment into Russian companies:

“The Kremlin committed $5 billion over three years to fund Skolkovo. Mrs. Clinton’s State Department worked aggressively to attract U.S. investment partners and helped the Russian State Investment Fund, Rusnano, identify American tech companies worthy of Russian investment. Rusnano, which a scientific adviser to President Vladimir Putin called ‘Putin’s child,’ was created in 2007 and relies entirely on Russian state funding.”

A big, new investigation by Peter Schweizer, best known as the author of Clinton Cash, shows though that far from benefiting the United States, policies that stemed from the Russia reset steered valuable technologies to the Russian government:

“Even if it could be proven that these tens of millions of dollars in Clinton Foundation donations by Skolkovo’s key partners played no role in the Clinton State Department’s missing or ignoring obvious red flags about the Russian enterprise, the perception would still be problematic. (Neither the Clinton campaign nor the Clinton Foundation responded to requests for comment.) What is known is that the State Department recruited and facilitated the commitment of billions of American dollars in the creation of a Russian ‘Silicon Valley’ whose technological innovations include Russian hypersonic cruise-missile engines, radar surveillance equipment, and vehicles capable of delivering airborne Russian troops. A Russian reset, indeed.”

From Russia, With Money goes on to show that Clinton’s program ended up helping the “interests of the Russian military”:

“The serious questions raised by Hillary Clinton’s pushing of technology transfer and investments as part of the Russian reset don’t end with the issues of self-dealing and cronyism. There are serious national security questions that have been raised about both Skolkovo and Rusnano, by the FBI, the U.S. Army, and cybersecurity experts. Specifically, these experts have argued that the activities of Skolkovo and Russian investment funds like Rusnano are ultimately serving the interests of the Russian military.”

The facts are clear. Efforts were made to improve relations, on Russia’s terms, and disaster followed. The indisputable truth is that the Russia’s unlawful annexation of Crimea, as well as the Russian military’s invasion of Eastern Ukraine, followed out of a policy of U.S. positive engagement. Russia has sown chaos and discord in Europe, and anyone who fails to see that is unfit to be president.