September 13, 2016

Clinton’s Disastrous Weekend Prompts Sniping From Democrats

Coming on the heels of Secretary Clinton’s disastrous weekend in which she called huge swaths of Americans “deplorable” and kept secret her pneumonia diagnosis until after she nearly collapsed on Sunday, a new set of problems greeted Clinton this morning as she continues to recuperate.

Likely the result of Clinton’s bitter primary battle with Bernie Sanders (I-VT), progressives are beginning to become vocal about potential appointments that a would-be President Clinton might make.

To start, progressive operatives say they’ve targeted two potential Clinton appointments—Tom Nides as chief of staff and Lael Brainard as Treasury secretary or trade representative—to lay down early markers against Clinton. Pick them, they warn, and progressives will punish her.

Meanwhile, the same story notes that Clinton—already known for keeping a political “hit list”—is keeping score, too.

Clinton, meanwhile, continues to take note of who is being active for her on the campaign and how, said a Democrat close to her, offering a little advice: if you want to have an impact in February, it helps to show up big in October.

This intraparty sniping in the press, followed by Clinton’s “deplorables” comment has made clear that “Stronger Together” is more of a paper-thin marketing slogan than an actual driving principle of her campaign.

Democrats are also frustrated with Clinton’s insistence on secrecy. It’s her “stubborn expectation of privacy amid her pursuit of the most public office in the world” that is causing some Democrats to anonymously voice their concerns to the press.

“People get ill every now and then, especially when you are under the stress they are under,” said a former Clinton aide, of the presidential candidates. “The bigger issue is whether she has been way too secretive about her medical issues — it adds to the whole backdrop that she’s too secretive in general.”

Another aide added with a sigh, “The Clintons always take the hard road.”

The bad headlines Clinton is reading Tuesday morning are an extension of her disastrous weekend, and the public outcry from progressives and Democrats can be traced directly to decisions Clinton made. She has no one to blame but herself.