November 19, 2015

Clinton’s Foreign Policy Proposal: More Obama

Today at the Council on Foreign Relations, Hillary Clinton laid out her “vision” for a new way forward for American foreign policy. Unfortunately, it’s largely the same stale policies that have been tried and failed when Clinton was Secretary of State under President Obama:

So it’s not surprising that after she delivered her prepared remarks, Clinton admitted she “largely agreed” with President Obama’s foreign policy strategy. In fact, she was the chief architect of it:

Through that admission, Clinton is openly admitting she owns the disqualifying record of foreign policy failures that has plagued the last seven years.

To make that point crystal clear, Clinton was asked her opinion on a host of Obama foreign policy failures, and one by one, she admitted she agreed with the president. When asked whether she agreed with President Obama’s “JV team” reference to ISIS, Clinton defended Obama’s remarked based on “what they had accomplished at that time,” a clear indication that Clinton approves of Obama’s total lack of vision:

That lack of vision permeated Clinton’s record at State and her speech today. Just yesterday, Boko Haram was named the most deadly terrorist group in the world. As Secretary of State, Clinton refused to label Boko Haram a foreign terrorist organization, and in her grand speech today, omitted any reference to the group responsible for more terror-related deaths than any other.

If Americans want a different kind of world than the global chaos that has consumed President Obama’s tenure, then electing Hillary Clinton, Obama’s foreign policy architect, is not the answer.