March 9, 2016

Clinton’s Honest and Trustworthy Problem Costs Her In Michigan

The post-mortems are coming in from Clinton’s devastating loss in Michigan and they’re all saying the same thing. Hillary Clinton has an honest and trustworthy problem in the Democratic primary:

“In another troubling sign for the Clinton campaign, among voters who said their most important priority in a presidential candidate is that they are honest and trustworthy, Sanders overwhelmingly outperformed Clinton, 80% to 19%.”

See below for some other key numbers from the Michigan Democratic primary:

22%: The percentage Clinton lost by among voters who said income inequality was their most important issue.

17%: Sanders’ gap over Clinton among anti-free trade voters.

14%: Sanders’ margin over Clinton among voters who value a candidate who “cares” about people like them.

57% to 43%: Sanders victory over Clinton among voters who want the next president to be less liberal than President Obama.

84% to 16%: Sanders’ margin among voters who want the next president to be “outside the establishment.”