July 21, 2016

Clinton’s Latest FEC Report Reveals Tens of Millions In Wasted Spending

Hillary Clinton’s June FEC report was posted last night. The picture it paints is one of a campaign spending tons of money, and having very little to show for it. Significantly, June’s FEC report showed once again that small donors have little interest in donating to Clinton’s campaign. Even with Sanders effectively out of the race, Clinton only managed 16 percent of her total from small donors.

Here are some other key numbers from that report:

94.8 percent: Hillary for America’s burn rate

$20.2 million: Hillary for America’s media spending

$1.7 million: Hillary for America’s polling expenditures

Yet, even with Clinton’s massive June expenditures, she has very little to show for it. Real Clear Politics’ national polling average shows that Clinton’s polls since June have trended downward. Even more worrying for Clinton’s campaign, in many key swing states, like Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, her numbers have stagnated or gone in the wrong direction. With the New York Times/CBS poll recently showing that a staggering 67 percent of Americans do not find Clinton honest or trustworthy, it appears that the presumptive Democratic nominee could spend tens of millions more and still not move her numbers at all.