April 3, 2016

Clinton’s “Meet The Press” Interview Goes Awry

During this morning’s “Meet The Press,” host Chuck Todd aired an interview with Secretary Clinton that he conducted on Saturday. Clinton was in Wisconsin, campaigning ahead of the primary there on Tuesday, and she faced tough questions about her record.

Todd read from a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial that excoriated Clinton for her lack of transparency and questioned her fitness for office:

He then played a video clip of Clinton angrily telling off a voter because she disagreed with the voter’s analysis that Clinton has oil and gas industry lobbyists bundling for her campaign. Clinton condescendingly said she felt “sorry” for people who she believes misinterpret her record:

Todd also asked if Clinton had changed her mind about her refusal to release her paid speech transcripts, which has become an albatross around her neck among liberal voters:

Clinton was also asked if she has been contacted by the FBI to schedule her upcoming interview: