August 19, 2015

Clinton’s Plummeting Numbers Are Resulting In Finger Pointing

Hillary Clinton posted her worst favorability numbers since March 2001 in a new poll released by CNN this morning:

And positive impressions of Clinton continue to fade. Among all adults, the new poll finds 44% hold a favorable view of her, 53% an unfavorable one, her most negative favorability rating since March 2001.

What’s causing the slump? The growing email scandal that Clinton claims nobody but the press is concerned about. It turns out voters are concerned, too:

[There is a growing perception that] “by using a personal email account and server while serving as secretary of state she did something wrong. About 56% say so in the new poll, up from 51% in March.

That has left Democrats clamoring for an alternative:

At the same time, Clinton’s lead in the race for the Democratic nomination for president is narrowing, and the new poll suggests the best way for the former secretary of state to shift the momentum would be for Vice President Joe Biden to decide to sit this one out. Most Democrats, though, say they’d like to see Biden make a run for the White House.

Between the email scandal, the terrible response to it by the campaign, and a badly damaged public image, Clinton allies are beginning to get nervous. And talk:

Even Clinton’s staunch ally David Brock, founder of the rapid response organization Correct the Record, told POLITICO he has heard concerns from the donor class about how the barrage of headlines about criminal probes and FBI investigations are harming the campaign. He added that campaign surrogates — allies who appear on television to defend Clinton and explain the sometimes complicated facts about her email use — have sometimes done a poor job of presenting the argument to win what he deemed another wholly partisan fight.

That’s right, blame it on the uninformed surrogates.