February 11, 2016

Clinton’s Press Secretary Accuses Obama’s IG Of Being Partisan, Promptly Gets Destroyed By CNN Panel

Today, The Washington Post reported that the Clinton Foundation had received a subpoena last fall from the State Department’s inspector general’s office. Hillary Clinton’s press secretary Brian Fallon went on CNN, trying to spin a subpoena from the Obama Administrations inspector general’s office as a partisan attack.

Mere seconds after Fallon’s interview, a CNN panel lambasted him for his remarks.

The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza said of Fallon’s remarks:

RYAN LIZZA: They are turning this into a partisan fight. They are attacking Obama’s IG at the State Department trying to turn that office into a according to them, saying they are on a partisan witch-hunt.

Both Gloria Borger and Sonny Hostin thought Fallon’s remarks revealed the level of concern within the Clinton campaign about this subpoena, and by trying to paint it as a partisan attack was a poor attempt to shift the focus.