September 26, 2016

Clinton’s Primary Debate Lowlights Still Presenting Challenges Before First Presidential Debate

The first Presidential debate is here, and with experts predicting Super Bowl-sized ratings, the impact it will have on the outcome of the race cannot be overstated. Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, her track record in these types of high profile situations has been abysmal. First seen in the Washington Examiner, from using 9/11 as the reason she’s Wall Street’s candidate to telling coal miners she plans to put them out of business, Clinton has proven time and again why she is the least trusted candidate in the presidential race:

In order to help Clinton, her campaign team has been in non-stop prep mode. As it just so happens, America Rising has potentially gotten ahold of one of the memos Clinton received for her debate prep. Included in the memo are such tips as:

  • Keep lying about your email scandal.
  • Reminders about some of her current issue positions, so that she doesn’t confuse them with her old ones on the same issues.
  • Don’t mention your love and frequent use of private jets.
  • If the tightening polls come up, pivot to saying you are the underdog.