September 13, 2016

Clinton’s Private Server Crew Pleads The Fifth Before Congress

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal took center stage once again with another damaging hearing before the House Oversight Committee. Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) subpoenaed three witnesses, Bill Thornton, Paul Combetta, and Justin Cooper, looking for answers concerning Clinton’s private email server and its mismanagement.

Yet instead of answers, the two of the three witnesses asserted the 5th Amendment:

Bryan Pagliano, the fourth witness, did not even have the courtesy of showing up for the hearing. Instead he sent a lawyer with a letter.

Even with the witnesses stonewalling, there were some informative moments. In one instance, Chairman Chaffetz got Cooper to admit that he had complete access to Clinton’s private server, even though he didn’t have a security clearance:

This troubling new detail once again shows the cavalier attitude the Clintons’ displayed regarding our nation’s secrets. While the three witnesses’ stonewalled today, the American people still deserve a full accounting of this continuing scandal.