October 29, 2016

Clintons Renovate Newest Mansion Without Permits

In every facet of her life, it appears Hillary Clinton believes the rule don’t apply to her. On Friday, The Journal News uncovered that the Clintons had begun renovating their newest mansion without the proper permits:

“Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton have been renovating a house they bought next to their Chappaqua residence without several required local permits, according to building department records.”

On a recent visit the town’s building inspector noticed that work had been done to the kitchen, floors and walls and none of the proper permits had been secured:

“Maskiell, who said he visited the home Oct. 5, after the department received a complaint about excavation done there, said as he headed to the basement to talk to the contractor, he noticed the kitchen, floors and walls appeared to have been recently renovated and new electrical fixtures were being installed in the ceiling. The person who complained was not identified.”

According to the inspector, the expedited work was on direct orders from the Clintons. They wanted the house finished before Thanksgiving:

“‘During conversation I was told that the owners wanted to have all work done and finished by Thanksgiving and were quite adamant about it and what had started as a paint job turned into this,’ Maskiell’s Oct. 17 inspection report said.”

From the beginning, controversy has constantly swirled around Clinton’s houses, including her memorable 2014 comment about being “dead broke” and unable to pay the mortgage(s) on her multi million dollar mansions. Whether it’s State Department ethics rules or Chappaqua renovation permits, the Clintons actions are consistent. They do what they want, no matter the rules.