September 12, 2016

Clinton’s Rough Weekend Spells Trouble For Senate Democrats

Already getting peppered with questions about Secretary Clinton’s appalling honesty and trust numbers, Senate Democratic candidates now face the daunting prospect of having to answer questions about Clinton’s abysmal weekend. Already Senate Democrats have been looking to their nominee with increased anxiousness. Senate Democrats have expressed concern to the Clinton campaign about the Democratic nominee’s “lack of coattails” and impact on the Senate battleground:

“Democrats’ fight for Senate control is dicey enough that both Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and his expected successor, Chuck Schumer, have been directly urging the nominee’s campaign to start piling more resources into the battle for control of the chamber.”

Yet instead of helping Senate nominees, Clinton is turning into a major liability, especially after her weekend comments about “deplorables.”

While Clinton’s “deporables” comment will certainly impact her political prospects, they will also present serious challenges for Senate candidates like Ann Kirkpatrick, Russ Feingold, Ted Strickland, Deborah Ross, Maggie Hassan, and Patrick Murphy. All six of these candidates are closely tied to Clinton, and have categorically stated that they find her honest and trustworthy.

Each has taken a political hit for laughably defending Clinton’s honesty. What do they have to say for themselves now? The voters in each of their states deserve to know if they will continue to stand by Clinton.