December 7, 2015

Clinton’s Silence On Obama Foreign Policy Speech Is Deafening

More than 12 hours have passed since President Obama delivered his widely panned Oval Office speech that did little to address the growing threat of ISIS or the United States’ strategy for defeating the terrorist group.

And yet after 12 hours, Secretary Clinton has not issued a response, a statement, or even a tweet.  The reason why is simple: Clinton cannot criticize President Obama’s lackluster policy prescription because as Secretary of State she was responsible for crafting the foreign policy failures that led to this crisis.

In Libya, Clinton advocated for a war in Libya and had no plan for the country after Gaddafi was toppled. Obama cites this as his greatest foreign policy regret. The chaos from Clinton’s war gave ISIS an opening, and the terrorist group is now operating in the African nation

In Syria, Clinton misjudged Assad. During an interview, Clinton referred to Assad as a “reformer,” believing him to be different from his father. It’s now known that Assad has murdered thousands of his own people. Syria is in the midst of a civil war and the Islamic State has set up its headquarters there.

In Iraq, the Obama-Clinton administration chose to abandon Iraq, leaving a vacuum for terrorist activity to flourish. In 2011, Clinton defended President Obama’s decision to not leave a residual U.S. force in the country, which allowed terrorism to spread on her watch. The Obama-Clinton plan was to not take action.

In Nigeria, Clinton “fought hard against” naming Boko Haram to the Foreign Terror Organizations list. Today, a mere two years later, they are the deadliest terror group in the world, responsible for more deaths than any other group, including ISIS. Earlier in 2015, Boko Haram’s leader pledged his group’s allegiance to ISIS.

Put simply, Clinton completely and utterly failed to address global terrorism as a serious threat during her tenure at the State Department, and for that reason, she is incapable of separating herself from the President or criticizing him on this important topic.