July 29, 2016

Clinton’s Speech: “Not Well Written, Not Well Delivered”

The reviews are in on Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech, and the results are not good. From the structure and speech writing, to the delivery, commentators were quick to give Clinton poor grades and it wasn’t even close. It couldn’t have helped Clinton that she was repeatedly interrupted by Sanders supporters, still opposed to her candidacy:

“Clinton’s address was interrupted periodically by Sanders supporters in the arena who yelled ‘No more war!’ Her fans tried to drown out the hecklers with chants of ‘Hillary!'”

A noticeable absence from the speech was any mention of the American people’s belief that she is dishonest. After a New York Times/CBS poll showed 67% of Americans do not trust her, many expected her to address it. Yet, it a was “conspicuous absence” last night:

“But in a conspicuous absence, Mrs. Clinton chose not to touch on her biggest vulnerability: the belief, widely held by voters, that she is a calculating and dishonest figure.”

The poor reviews came in for Clinton’s speech in real time via Twitter. Reporters critiqued Clinton’s speech on its own merits, but also for being underwhelming compared to other efforts this week. See below for just a sampling of the almost universally negative opinion about Clinton’s speech: