March 23, 2016

Clinton’s Terror Speech Will Promise To Continue Obama’s Failed Agenda

Today, Secretary Clinton is expected to give a speech on terrorism following the heinous attacks in Belgium. Clinton’s record on terror provides a long litany of failed programs, shows an unwillingness to take action, and a support for policies that have not kept Americans safe. At every turn, Clinton’s failed judgment and wholehearted commitment to President Obama’s failed agenda has been on full display.

During her tenure at the State Department, Clinton advocated for circumventing Congress to close Guantanamo Bay. She refused to label Boko Haram, now the world’s deadliest group, a Foreign Terrorist Organization (something her successor, John Kerry did upon becoming Secretary).  And she bizarrely touts the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications, a program panned as “underperforming,” “ineffective,” and “embarrassing and even helpful to the enemy.”

Candidate Clinton has been no better. She has supported President Obama’s Iran Nuclear agreement, which gives billions of American dollars to Iran and subsequently terrorists.

Clinton underestimated ISIS, saying in 2014 she “could not have predicted” ISIS’s success. Since then, she has backed Obama’s failed strategy for combatting the group responsible for the terror attacks in Paris, San Bernardino, and Brussels.

Clinton refuses to call ISIS’s perversion of the Muslim faith “radical Islam” and has refused to declare war on “radical Islam” and ISIS.

This is the record of a failed leader. Clinton has proved utterly incapable of adequately handling the most pressing issues national security issues of the 21st Century, and her speech today will demonstrate her commitment to the failed Obama agenda, which has been a disaster for America’s global leadership.