November 2, 2015

Clinton’s Veterans Claims Draw Fire From Independent Fact Checkers

Just over a week ago, Hillary Clinton told Rachel Maddow that the problems facing the VA hospital system are “not as widespread as it has been made out to be.”

Clinton is still facing the blowback from that inaccurate, out of touch comment.

Just yesterday, the Las Vegas Review Journal editorial board took Clinton to task for the remark:

Mrs. Clinton is minimizing one of the greatest recent failures of the federal government when the Obama administration — which she was part of — for years did nothing to address it. That she prefers lobbing partisan attacks over holding the bureaucracy accountable says everything about what kind of president she would be.

This follows another scathing editorial from the Arizona Republic—the hometown paper of the Phoenix VA, which saw 40 veterans die from bureaucratic waiting lists.

Fact checkers have also blasted Clinton for her remarks. Today’s Washington Post takes a look at Clinton’s claim that “a number of surveys” show veterans are satisfied with the treatment they receive from the VA. Not so, says the Post:

Independent, scientific surveys show veteran attitudes toward medical care at the VA is mixed. And the Gallup poll that most directly relates to the issues unearthed by the scandal found that 55 percent of veterans found it somewhat difficult or very difficult to access VA care.

It’s misleading to make a sweeping generalization about veterans attitudes on this topic and attribute it to “numerous surveys.”

Clinton’s reliance on partisan attacks instead of the facts is both unsurprising and another sign of Clinton’s willingness to say or do anything to win. It’s clearer than ever why 63 percent of voters do not view Clinton as honest or trustworthy.