December 14, 2015

Clinton’s Wall Street Support Makes NH Voters “Queasy”

During this campaign, Hillary Clinton has long struggled with the divide between national union support for her and the rank-and-file members’ belief that she doesn’t fight for them. That battle between establishment leaders’ support and voters’ coolness toward her toward her is now playing out in New Hampshire too.

Today, Clinton unveiled the endorsements of 78 New Hampshire state representatives, yet the bigger story today in the Granite State was the “queasy” feeling voters have for Clinton’s past Wall Street support.

WNYC is reporting that there is a pervasive belief across New Hampshire that Hillary Clinton has “too many relationships with Wall Street and big corporations.” One voter voiced this when he said:

“I’m a little worried about her ties to Wall Street,” he told me. “Which I don’t understand fully. Bernie’s the total opposite of that.”

Another New Hampshire voter, Susan Hay, also noted that Clinton’s strong Wall Street ties make her uncomfortable:

Hay distrusts her reliance on Wall Street money. “If your campaign is funded in large part by the people that we believe have to be fundamentally changed, the candidate whose funding is totally dependent on that — it’s hard to see them as the person is who going to make that happen.”

With Senator Bernie Sanders continuing to hold a double digit lead over, Clinton’s struggles to win the trust of New Hampshire voters will only become more important.